Productivity and wellbeing– with guarantee

We build a better working life
and sustainable organizations of the future through the cross-fertilization of sciences.

We develop your business
by activating the potential of the organization
from the strategies of the owners to the everyday praxis of the staff.

Rakennamme parempaa työelämää ja
kestäviä tulevaisuuden organisaatioita tieteitä ristipölyttäen.

Kehitämme liiketoimintaa aktivoimalla organisaation potentiaalia
omistajien strategioista henkilöstön arjen hetkiin.


Genuine value for customers


8 Milj. €

Job satisfaction from reading -8 to read


Sick leaves


Better working life
- a more productive work environment

In our operations, we utilize the Healthy Organization Model (HERO) developed by the Universities of Helsinki and Manchester and the occupational health authorities of Finland and the United States

The model is based on the idea that the different dimensions and resources of an organization are strongly interconnected. Therefore, the basic strategy in developing and organization is the systematic combination of various layers. In other words, the organization is managed and developed as a whole – starting with and enriching strategy.

Essential in the model is also the respect for people and diversity. In practice this means employee participation, the listening of their ideas, and their active contribution to the development. This is how a substantial leverage is created.

Terve organisaatio

Palveluidemme perustan muodostaa kansainvälisessä yhteistyössä kehitetty Terve organisaatio -malli. Olemme rakentaneet mallin kehittämissovellusta 2000-luvulla useissa tutkimus- ja kehitysohjelmissa, joihin on osallistunut mm. teollisuutta ja sotesektoria sekä lähes 2000 henkilöä. Kehitystyössä on ollut mukana Työturvallisuuskeskus, Työterveyslaitos, Helsingin yliopisto ja työmarkkinajärjestöjä.

Mallin ytimessä on ajatus, että organisaation erilaiset ulottuvuudet ja pääomat ovat vahvasti toisiinsa kytkeytyneitä. Kehittämisessä perusstrategiana on useiden eri tasojen systemaattinen yhdistäminen. Eli organisaatiota johdetaan ja kehitetään kokonaisuutena – strategiasta lähtien ja strategiaa rikastaen.

Olennaista mallissa on myös ihmisten ja erilaisuuden arvostaminen. Käytännössä tämä tarkoittaa henkilöstön osallistumista, heidän ideoidensa kuuntelua ja aktiivista panosta kehittämiseen. Näin syntyy valtava vipuvoima.

Customer experiences


The development of management team work exceeded all expectations

As a quarrelsome management team, we started with a minus and are now close to ten. The approach is a combination of Finnish rigidity, Swedish involvement and German systematicity - and this works! The results have exceeded all expectations.

Managing director

The production process became more efficient and quality improved

At the beginning of the project, we were all busy “fire extinguishers” who didn’t feel good enough for anything. During the project, everyday life calmed down and things were taken over. There were also ways to involve, engage and motivate employees more. Attention increased feedback and ideas, which led to new improvements in production. With the same amount of work, the production process became more efficient and quality improved. Financially, savings of € 8 million and a larger bonus were achieved for all employees in the department. Tuula gave us a new perspective on things and the keys to a successful project, regardless of the size of the project.

Industrial company

It was insane how much we achieved in professional guidance

In the beginning, I was really tired and paid attention to negative things. Already for the first time, the atmosphere changed, and we got tremendous energy. It has been achieved insanely and everything is involved. "Yeah, let's just do it!" Urgent speech has also decreased. My own world of thought and speech has changed and it affects residents. Residents have also changed. Praises each other, activated and self-sufficient. It's nice to be at work.

Mental Health Unit

Tuula Eloranta


A pioneer in the development
of working life

Proven effectiveness for 20 years


Personnel Award of the Year 2006 and 2010


Developer of an international small group model


Involved in various legal reforms


Ended in collective agreements