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We promote the vitality of the Vihti region by accelerating the growth of companies and changes in ownership.

Rakennamme parempaa työelämää ja
kestäviä tulevaisuuden organisaatioita tieteitä ristipölyttäen.

Kehitämme liiketoimintaa aktivoimalla organisaation potentiaalia
omistajien strategioista henkilöstön arjen hetkiin.


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We are a solution-oriented developer of business operations. We boldly develop the organizations of the future and sustainable business, from the owners' strategies to the employees' everyday moments.

Business development

We develop your business by activating the organization's potential, from the quality of strategies to the activities of personnel. We quickly and nimbly produce sustainable solutions for developing productivity and increasing the value of the company.

Change of owner

We renew companies for sale, taking into account the wishes of the owners and the future possibilities of the company. We highlight the valuable parts and create a valuable development path for them. In the aftermath of the acquisition, we help the new owner in the takeover and possible integration.

Generation change

We create the conditions to realize a generational change, taking into account the needs of business, ownership and family in a balanced way. We manage bureaucracy and know the dynamics of the emotional side. If necessary, we go through a longer process alongside the company and the family.

Practical change support

We support you in the smooth implementation of changes. We help to create operating models that enable the operation to be nimbly changed in the desired direction. We identify the pain points of change situations and, if necessary, know how to take into account the requirements of the act on co-operation within Undertakings for the implementation of changes.

Short-term additional resourcing

You can get help from us in situations where you need a professional for weeks or months to manage the company, its specific business or even to set up a new function. In an emergency, we take over the management of the business in a quick schedule and smoothly return or transfer the management responsibility to the successor at the end of our task period.

Financial solutions

We support you in financing changes, development and growth. We have extensive experience in acquiring equity and debt financing as well as applying for public support financing. With us, you will know what the different parties expect from the description of the business and its goals, which boundary conditions should be taken into account when choosing financing partners, and how financing-related risks are managed.

Customer experiences


The production process became more efficient and quality improved

At the beginning of the project, we were all busy “fire extinguishers” who didn’t feel good enough for anything. During the project, everyday life calmed down and things were taken over. There were also ways to involve, engage and motivate employees more. Attention increased feedback and ideas, which led to new improvements in production. With the same amount of work, the production process became more efficient and quality improved. Financially, savings of € 8 million and a larger bonus were achieved for all employees in the department. Tuula gave us a new perspective on things and the keys to a successful project, regardless of the size of the project.

Industrial company

From the aftermath of the acquisition to clear management and processes

We had just completed an acquisition where management changed and staff moved from the old owner with the transaction. However, the processes did not work as expected, the atmosphere was gloomy and cooperation difficult.

The measures quickly gave visible concrete; cooperation is smooth, community is growing, the work atmosphere is open and immediate, processes are becoming more and more seamless. The supervisors ’experience with the coaching was really positive and the reviews commendable. Based on the results of the personnel survey, the capabilities of supervisors had risen to a whole new level. There is feedback from management on making it exceptionally efficient and striking at the heart of the company's operations. The cooperation between HR and the coach is very efficient and seamless. It can be said that in half a year, the entire company's operations rose to a whole new level. Good work continues!

Chief Human Resources Officer
IT company


Tuula Eloranta


Tuula is a developer of work communities and organizations, facilitator of demanding change situations, management coach.

She is also a Director of editorial and research (ETM), work community (HRD) and process developer (Lean), NLP coach, solution-oriented work supervisor, brief therapist, work community mediator.


Capital Six Oy

Our customers also get to enjoy the know-how of our high-quality partners. One of our important partners is Iiro Jussila, an expert in ownership, family entrepreneurship and business development. In addition to coaching and development experience, Iiro has almost 10 years of experience in senior management positions and years of experience in multi-disciplinary entrepreneurship. In addition, Iiro Jussila is a professor of management and organization by background.

A pioneer in the development
of working life

Proven effectiveness for 20 years


Personnel Award of the Year 2006 and 2010


Developer of an international small group model


Involved in various legal reforms


Ended in collective agreements