Better working life -project

Based on your needs

We tailor projects lasting 6 months to 24 months from your point of view so that you get the most out of the project. We will first carefully review the starting point and goals of your community. On this basis, together with the management and staff, we create development paths and suggestions, solutions that serve your everyday life and agile digital tools to support your management and the well-being of your entire staff. In addition, your leaders and supervisors will be supported in coping and sparring individually to drive change and take a better lead in everyday life. This will significantly increase the competitiveness of your organization.

At the heart of agility and renewal. The priorities of the projects vary from participant to participant, but they are always in some way related to the agile needs of future organizations; strategic management, personnel management, change management, reform of operating culture, management style and supervisory work, development of workplace co-operation and staff consultation, psychological ownership, good flexible work organization and process efficiency, and reform of service concepts and operating methods.

You get power from the network

Thanks to the network format of the project, you will also be able to learn from other work communities and share your own experiences with other participants. The extent of peer work is up to you. Through the co-operation of the network, interesting information on issues affecting renewal, productivity and the quality of working life is produced in general, and operating models and methods for promoting a more sustainable working life in Finland are created. It may be that you want to be one of the organizations that will be featured in the media thanks to its great achievements!

Supported by an experienced and merited team of experts

The members of the development team have solid evidence from all aspects of the development of working life and some also from the international top of research. Records have been repeatedly broken in the previous projects of the team members, e.g. sales have multiplied, sick leave, losses and disruptions have halved, and significant increases in staff job satisfaction have been measured. The projects have won two Personnel of the Year awards.

Participation is easy and supported

You are not required to have a long commitment or heavy bureaucracy. There are options, according to one's own resources and needs, from a light match to a complete overhaul. Funding for development projects is sought from the Occupational Safety and Health Fund, pension insurance companies, ELY centers and Business Finland. The program is implemented in cooperation with labor market organizations. So get involved in developing the competitiveness of your organization and the well-being of your staff! At the same time, you are at the forefront of implementing new strategic and digital tools.Your organization is what the industry admires!

The 2021 participant's thoughts on the project

Perhaps one of the biggest things about the project is that we wouldn't have been able to figure everything out ourselves. You Iiro and Tuula have summarized what we need to take into account when developing the operation. The non-partisan perspective on things has made things easier. And of course, the fact that expertise brings credibility to the staff as well. Your professionalism, know-how and vision is the core thing with which this activity is renewed and developed.

Personally, I have really benefited a lot. I have received confirmation of my own ideas and the courage to stand behind the reforms. The spiritual support, strong expertise and fresh thoughts I received from you in our discussions have also been very important.

Mirka Pesonen, Business Director

Kotkan Seudun Talokeskus Oy