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Facilitated development and recreation day for boards, management groups, advisory boards and teams - anywhere in the world through Zoom or Teams.

Our experts know the challenges of working in different teams and the best practices through development, research and personal experience. Whether it's the board, management team, Advisory Board or another team, the facilitation of the development day is in competent hands.

As a contentious management team, we started from a minus and now we are close to ten. Tuula's approach is a combination of Finnish robustness, Swedish participation and German systematicity - and it works! The results have exceeded all expectations.

In the beginning, I thought that no one could have anything left to give to such an experienced leader. I had to take back my words. The solution-focused process led by Tuula was very empowering for us.

With his strong experience, Iiro brings constructive perspectives to the challenges and development points of business, various processes and personnel management, which he is phenomenally able to deepen with his strong academic background.

In Jussila's coaching, the most important tasks and responsibilities of the board were skillfully presented through theory and practice.

Purposeful development in a refreshing environment.

We are happy to travel to where you yourself want to implement your development day. You can also travel to our own base in the Helsinki capital region, Villa Söder, where you can implement a 2-3 day development period instead of a development day. If you want to combine the development day with a steamboat cruise on the beautiful lake Saimaa, that can also be done through us (Read more about the cruise at vipcruise.info).

Do you wish to discuss your needs in more detail and for us to create the most suitable package to you?

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