Advisory Board

"As the world changes, so do the needs of companies and organizations"

What is Advisory Board activity?

Good advice is valuable. Companies, public organizations and associations have been organizing counseling for their managers and decision makers for a long time. Nowadays, there are also clear operating models that can be applied to the needs of different organizations. Those interested in Advisory Board activities may now invite a published expert to shed light on the related possibilities.

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Iiro, you especially have really solid experience in advisory boards!

Announcement of the Advisory Board book, 4 March 2022.

Tarja Ilvonen

CEO ja Partner InHunt Boards Oy, Senior Headhunter

Starting the Advisory Board

It is important to start the Advisory Board (AB) operation carefully and it is worth relying on the help of an experienced professional. Defining needs and tasks, integrating AB into the management system, choosing advisors, defining common rules of the game and many other things should be thought about and planned in advance. It is also important to be aware of what should be left to be defined by the AB itself.

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Development of Advisory Board activities

Even an established Advisory Board operation may need renewal - fine-tuning or a complete transformation. The operating environment and organization change over time, so the current needs of advise may also change. In any case, the advisers' activities should be regularly strengthened and renewed. You should not stay alone with questions related to development, but call an experienced expert for help.

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Becoming larger than yourself – Advisory Board supporting strategic management

Iiro Jussila is one of the authors in this book edited by Tarja Ilvonen and Sonja Martikainen.

The work is the first collection written in Finnish about the activities of Advisory Boards. It contains practical examples as well as the authors' views and experiences of Advisory Board activities. The book gives practical tips for starting and organizing activities, such as for what purpose or situation the Advisory Board should be established, what must be taken into account when choosing members, how often members should change and how often the Board should meet.

The work is intended for all organizations that want to renew and develop and try a modern way of acquiring special expertise to support their operations. The work is suitable for managers, business developers and entrepreneurs who want to renew their operations or head towards new markets. In addition, the book is suitable as a textbook for anyone interested or experts who work or want to work on the Advisory Board.