Our customers' industries vary and they operate all over the world. We have served international listed companies, SMEs, family businesses, cooperatives, mutual companies, organizations and foundations as well as various public organizations from supervisory entities to municipalities.

Owners, capital investors, boards, management teams, HR and occupational safety organizations have often been the initiators of cooperation.

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Improving the functionality of work and processes

Speeding up the development of board work

The sessions provided a necessary channel for the board members and gave a good starting shot for development. Important issues were discussed in a good spirit, with appropriate shaking. The expert was very professional and led the group discussion in a pleasant way. He highlighted issues that are generally important in board work as well as issues that are particularly important for the development of the association's board work.

The board of an association

A comprehensive plan for developing the skills of the various administrative bodies

We got all the materials we needed to develop our governance for years to come.

Financial sector organization

Cooperative management training

Jussila's section on the challenges and opportunities of cooperatives was very good. Lots of things and a tight package. (section rating 4.60 / 5.00)

Member of Board of a Cooperative

Association's board training

Iiro Jussila held a development workshop for our association's board, where, among other things, the board's activities and role in managing the association were explained. In Jussila's coaching, the most important tasks and responsibilities of the board were skillfully presented through theory and practice. The training was inspiring and I feel that it was of great importance, especially in the development of our association's strategic management and in supporting the work of the executive director. I can warmly recommend this training to other organizations as well.

Janne Pulkkinen, Managing director

Suvanto association

Board and Supervisory Board Training

Thank you so much for your training! There was a lot of praise from all directions. In other words, as feedback, I could say that the people in the administration were very pleased.

CEO of a cooperative bank

Team and work community development

Sparring of the CEO and management team

An empowering leadership coaching process in which everyone found their roleIn the initial situation, sales management was really tough and sales did not pull as expected. The aim of the coaching was to support the well-being and grouping of sales management and to provide tools for empowering the field as well. “In the beginning, I thought that no one can have anything to give to an experienced leader like this anymore. I had to cancel my speech. ” The solution-driven process driven by the wind was very empowering for us. Everyone found their own role in the team and found themselves to be an important person in the group as their own selves. We had access to coaching and concrete tools that we can still use in our own work. Coaching has focused more on small successes and gives them energy and joy in their own work. During the coaching, I also stopped and added things to my well-being that improved my well-being at work.

PartyLite girls, Sanna, Anki ja Riitta


From the work-place survey to the development plan

Cooperation with the expert was really effortless and fast - thank you for that. The presentation of the results of the work-place survey and the subsequent coaching of the management team were excellent. The material was comprehensive and we felt that it played a key role in creating the development plan.

Member of management team

The development of management team work exceeded all expectations

As a quarrelsome management team, we started with a minus and are now close to ten. The approach is a combination of Finnish rigidity, Swedish involvement and German systematicity - and this works! The results have exceeded all expectations.

Managing director

Sparring for management solutions

Iiro’s ability to listen, ask questions and crystallize things is excellent. I have always experienced discussions with Iiro as solution-oriented and empowering. With his strong experience, Iiro brings constructive perspectives to the challenges and development points of business economics, various processes and human resource management, which he is able to deepen with his strong academic background. It is very pleasant to talk to Iiro. He is always 100% present in the situation, comes well prepared and is genuinely interested. Good guy!

Managing director

Better management communication through sparring

Skillmotor's Iiro Jussila made me stop and think about my own story. He asked the right questions, which enabled me to identify and articulate the places and moments of professional growth that were meaningful to me and thereby sum up my own path in my career. Iiro found different perspectives and connections between things and thereby organized my story into a transparent one.

I felt it was very important to stop and think about my own life stages. I got answers to why I am in this place and task right now. Without Iiro's guidance, I would not have found a clear connection between, for example, the importance of my own background to my identity as a leader. Usually, the leader asks these questions of others, and her own connection to the organization's values ​​and mission can remain unclear. I have always felt that I am a so-called ethos leader, and opening my own story clarified what this leadership identity of mine is actually built on. I noticed that I have done a lot and I also understood my own value in this regard better.

The leader's values ​​are always connected to the organization's values. The leader's identity is built between the dialogue between these two worlds of values. When the world changes, there can also be cracks in the dialogue. Recognizing their flaws is a turning point and helps the leader in setting his own development goals. Under Iiro's guidance, I was left, among other things, to think about my own competence needs and the development of my professional skills from the perspective of communication. I am grateful for the guidance I received and I will continue my journey on behalf of the organization's mission towards future visions.

Maria Korhonen, Executive director

Mente Services

With intensive coaching for top-class management team work

Iiro Jussila developed the operations of the management team in particular. He spent a lot of time on personal development and coaching. He has a unique ability to bring his own academic skills from leadership to practical implementation. He is an encouraging and empowering coach. I believe that the opportunity to get coaching from him to be a leader and work in a management team would enhance anyone’s ability and competence.

Member of management team

Development of managerial work

From the survey to the development - a clear plan from a workshop

Well organized event, everything went well and organized. At the end of the event, we had a clear and concrete roadmap with us.

Workshop participant

From the aftermath of the acquisition to clear management and processes

We had just completed an acquisition where management changed and staff moved from the old owner with the transaction. However, the processes did not work as expected, the atmosphere was gloomy and cooperation difficult. Something had to be done about the situation, but it was not known how to get ahead in the situation itself. HR will contact an external change coach and report the situation. Tuula and HR interviewed the staff, on the basis of which it became clear that there was a lack of managerial work, structures and clear processes. The staff did not feel heard and the harsh practices of the previous management weighed on the atmosphere and caused fear.

A separate coaching group was set up for supervisors to ensure that supervisors were able to act in unison. Feedback was also discussed with the management team and the necessary measures for the management were discussed. Under the leadership of the coach, they set out to find the best management practices and standardize the way and level of supervision, to increase their individual capacity to meet the needs of the staff, and to systematically review process problems and bottlenecks. Tailor-made coaching was offered as needed to supervisors, management and teams. The measures quickly gave visible concrete; cooperation is smooth, community is growing, the work atmosphere is open and immediate, processes are becoming more and more seamless. The supervisors ’experience with the coaching was really positive and the reviews commendable. Based on the results of the personnel survey, the capabilities of supervisors had risen to a whole new level. There is feedback from management on making it exceptionally efficient and striking at the heart of the company's operations. The cooperation between HR and the coach is very efficient and seamless. It can be said that in half a year, the entire company's operations rose to a whole new level. Good work continues!

Chief Human Resources Officer

IT company

Team and work community development

Sick leave was halved

During the development project, sick leave was almost halved compared to the previous year in the pilot unit.

During the project, for example, we developed induction activities - practices were rationalized and embedded. This has received good feedback from new employees and deputies. The division of labor and responsibilities have also become clearer and more concrete: the work of a self-care caregiver has become the overall responsibility for the well-being of the resident and the caretaker and advocate for the resident's affairs. We have focused on the basic task of enabling residents to live a happy life instead of squatting and unnecessary work.

The experience of the small group model used in the project is so encouraging that we have adopted it as a way of operating throughout the company. Our goal is for 80% of our units to use the small group model as a tool for participatory and coaching leadership by the end of 2011.

Leena Kreus, Vice President, Human Resources and Quality

Mainio Vire Oy

Help in situations could not be solved by HR on its own

In HR, you have to face situations with people. Teams don’t work or people don’t get along with each other. We have identified many challenges with our own HR team, and we have several tools to improve team collaboration. But sometimes he has encountered situations that he has no longer been able to resolve on his own. I have used Hanne’s expertise to solve these, and I can serve with all my heart.

As an example where we worked together, I could mention a two-person externally pointed bottle where people were able to work in adjacent open spaces, share work with everyone, or even communicate normally with each other. individuals were also on sick leave and the situation escalated into clashes in the office. In a few of Hanne's solution-focused sessions, we got our cooperation to a matter-of-fact level, and the situation has been calm more than once a year since.

I have also used Hanne to improve team collaboration, the situation has not been so acute. Also, these have received clear improvements from the leader, especially the teams they have received and the feeling that is not alone with things

Taija Lehtola, Vice President, Human Resources

Paroc Oy

From conflict to peace

Clarification of the conflict situation: “The purpose of the event was to clarify the division of labor and correct misunderstandings. I found Konttila's approach reassuring and consistent. As the conversation progressed, Marja gave both parties the opportunity to express their own opinions, and she cared about respecting and appreciating both parties. Marja was well able to steer the discussion on how important it is to find a solution in order to create a peaceful situation between the two parties.

One of the parties to the conflict

Positive and liberated learning atmosphere

I think you have excelled in taking over our team and creating a positive and liberated learning atmosphere! The staff will be happy to study with you on Fridays. I have not yet heard any negative feedback on the training you have given.

Managing director

Tremendous help and support

You have had tremendous help and support in our projects and operational development. The feeling of comfortable and uncomplicated cooperation has been present all along.

Chief Human Resources Officer

Difficult issues were encountered under the guidance of an expert

Iiro's skills and experience as a developer of the work community were clearly evident in the training he gave. The trainings also work remotely, and under the guidance of Iiro, we were able to discuss even difficult issues in a safe environment.


Improving the functionality of work and processes

The production process became more efficient and quality improved

At the beginning of the project, we were all busy “fire extinguishers” who didn’t feel pretty good enough for anything. During the project, everyday life calmed down and things were taken over. There were also ways to involve, engage and motivate employees more. Attention increased feedback and ideas, which led to new improvements in production. With the same amount of work, the production process became more efficient and quality improved. Financially, savings of € 8 million and a larger bonus were achieved for all employees in the department. Tuula gave us a new perspective on things and the keys to a successful project, regardless of the size of the project.

Industrial company

Social and health care - development of nursing

People do it together. They work wonders. Big challenges are really good at machining. A rather big change in self-care took place in just a few months.

Involved in the development project

Product and service development / Updating strategy or LTS

With brand renewal to the top of sales

Thanks to the service, sales of our new product increased by 120 percent.

Technology company

Solutions to strategy problems

Iiro’s ability to understand strategy, discuss it, and say its problem areas is exceptional. All of our discussions have taken my own understanding of strategic leadership forward.

Managing director

Professional guidance and coaching

Incredible outcomes of professional guidance

In the beginning, I was really tired and paid attention to negative things. Already for the first time, the atmosphere changed and we got tremendous energy. It has been achieved insanely and everything is involved. "Yeah, let's just do it!" Urgent speech has also decreased. My own world of thought and speech has changed and it affects residents. Residents have also changed. Praises each other, activated and self-sufficient. It's nice to be at work!

Mental Health Unit

Changes were tried for years - now we are a dream work community

We had a big organizational change in the background and years of tension in the work community. Attempts had been made to make changes in vain, e.g. with occupational health. It seems that the situation was only getting worse and hope was already lost.

Then work development work was started to develop the whole work community and the situation changed. Everyone became active and participated in dealing with issues and finding solutions. Each time, concrete cures were found for the processes addressed. Things were approached simply through people’s innate behavior. Tuula really knows the interaction situations of work communities and their possible problem areas. New things were learned from each other at the joint events and there has been more openness, appreciation and a wonderful flow into the work community. Good cooperation is also reflected in top quality, audits and customer service. Together, new structures and operating models have been created that will support the development of the entire work community in the future as well. Good but keep going! I never would have thought we were talking about such things

Leena Erkkilä, President and CEO

ScanLab Oy